Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Willmar Meet Canceled, Practice & Section Info

Willmar Meet Thursday has been canceled due to no snow

Check Remind before heading to practice. We're waiting to see what conditions are like before deciding where to ski. 4:15-5:15

FRIDAY will be gear turn in day for all skiers not going to Sections. Jr High and JV. We'll let you when shortly.

More Section Information on the Race Flyer tab.

2021Section 8 Nordic Ski Meet 

Date of Event: Tuesday March 2nd 2021

Location of Meet: Maplelag Resort Callaway, MN

Schedule of events: Coach’s Meeting: TBD
Boys Varsity: Classic11:30am 
Boys Varsity: Freestyle1:00p
GirlVarsity: Classic2:30pm
Girls Varsity: Freestyle4:00pm
There will be NAwards ceremony this year awards will be mailed direct to schools

Starting Procedure:

Both the classic and freestyle races will be Interval start racesTwo skierdeparting every 15 seconds out of 2 start lanes. Odd numbers starting in the Left Lane and Even Numbers starting in the Right Lane. Order of departure has been determined by a list randomizer for each of the starting positions. Any unused stating spots will be removed prior to the race daySkiers will used the same bib and chip for both races. Starting order will be the same for each race. Coaches will not be allowed at the starting line for any races and are not allowed to countdown the start for their skiers. All Skiers are responsible for their own time start. Each racer will be issued a race bib for their race. Each skier will use the same number/chip for both races. Tracking Rules: Tracking rules will be in effect in BOTH Races. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Monday 2/22 & Jr. High Champ. Race

Monday 2/22 All skiers skating skiing @ north loop. 4:15-5:15

Jr High Championship. 2/23
Sartell Middle School

Depart South 2:15

7th grade 3:20
8th grade 3:30
Pick students up at race venue, 4pm.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Tuesday & Sartell Meet 2/18

Tuesday Practice Graystone 4:15-5:15

Depart Tech 8:30am
Depart South 8:45am
Bus will act as our warming shelter
Depart event 1:30. 
Drop off at South 1:45, Tech 2:00


LOCATION: Sartell Middle School (Old High School & now the new Middle School)
748 7th Street North
Sartell, MN 56377

INVITED TEAMS: Saint Cloud Apollo/Sauk Rapids-Rice, Sartell/Cathedral, St. John’s Prep, Saint Cloud Tech & Willmar
RACES: JV and Varsity wave start (by school) 5 km
JH wave start 2.5 km
NOTE: 2.5 and 5 kilometers (km) is approximate

A.M. Saint Cloud Apollo/Sauk Rapids-Rice & Sartell-Cathedral, Saint Cloud Tech

VB (10:00/10:05/10:10 a.m.) Classic race
VG (10:45/10:50/10:55 a.m.) Classic Race
JVB (11:30 am) Mass start Skate race
JVG (12:05 pm) Mass start Skate race
JH B/G (12:45 and 12:50 p.m.) Mass start Skate race

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Thursday Friday 11/12

Th. Graystone 4:15-5:15

Fri. Graystone 3:30-4:30

I don’t need to tell you it’s cold. I liked all the layers I’ve been seeing. More of the same. 

Varsity classic skiing. Put kick on at home. Don’t want to freeze trying to put on at the start of practice. If you didn’t receive a kick wax kit let me know. 

Reminder: Next Thursday is an AM race.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021


 St Johns Meet has been Canceled!

Normal Practice 4:15-5:15. Graystone

The race organizer decided it wasn't safe enough to race.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Monday, Tuesday and RACE DATE CHANGE

The reason for the change is below legal race temperatures forecast on Thursday.

Students who choose to drive separately will have an opportunity to return to school for most afternoon classes. 
Bus departs Tech door 6 at 9am
        returns to Tech and South 2ish pm Students will be expected to attend end of the day classes.

ONE OTHER TIME CHANGE we are in the A.M. wave next week in Sartell on the 18th.

2/8 Monday 4:15-5:15
2/9 Tuesday at Graystone 4:15-5:30
Saint John’s Prep PBJ Ski Race

When: Wednesday, February 10, 2021
Where: St. John’s Arboretum
Buses will park adjacent to the university soccer and baseball fields and serve as team camps.
Porta-potties will be provided.
Spectators: No visiting fans allowed at Saint John’s (university and abbey requirement)!

Masks: Must be worn at all times until starting race. No
medical exceptions allowed.

Morning Session (Fergus Falls, St. Cloud Tech, Prep)
10:30 am Boys Varsity. Fergus Falls first, then Tech, then Prep.
Waves of four skiers every 30 seconds. 8 max per team.
11:00 am Girls Varsity. Same plan as boys.
11:30 am Boys JV. No limit on entries. Four skiers per wave. Same order of teams.
12:00 noon Girls JV. Same as boys.
12:30 pm Boys jr. high. No limit on entries. Four skiers per wave. Same order of teams.
12:40 pm Girls jr. high. Same as boys.

Afternoon Session (Sartell/CHS, St. Cloud Apollo, Willmar)
1:00 pm Boys jr. high. Sartell/CHS first, then Apollo, then Willmar. Same as morning.
1:10 pm Girls jr. high.
1:30 pm Boys Varsity. Same order as above. Same plan as morning.
2:00 pm Girls Varsity . Same plan as boys.
2:30 pm Boys JV. Same plan as morning.
3:00 pm Girls JV. Same plan as morning.
Entries: Unlimited for junior high and junior 

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Wednesday and Thursday Race info

Wednesday: Practice Riverside 4:15-5:30

Thursday: Sartell Race

If you've filled out your transportation waiver you are free to drive or get a ride from a parent to limit exposure on the bus. If driving yourself you can plan on showing up 45min prior to race time. 

Parents will pick students up at race site after meet.

Temps will drop through out the day with strong winds. Please dress warm. 2 base layers under your uniform. An option would also be to race in training clothes over your uniform if you are too cold. Lots of warm clothes for pre and post race!

We do have a bus for a warming shelter.

Everyone will race same categories as previous races.

Location Sartell Middle School (Old High School)
748 7th Street North
Sartell, MN 56377

Tech dismissal: 11:40, bus departure 12.
South dismissal: 12, bus departure 12:15. Tennis court doors.

JH/Rookie 1:35 2.5km
VB 2:00 5km
VG 2:45 5km
JVB 3:30 5km
JVG 4:15 5km