Wednesday, January 16, 2019


We'll have practice as scheduled Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The Bemedji Meet has been cancelled due to extreme cold temps.
We will still be skiing Saturday! So don't change your plans!! Depart at 7am, return 1:30pm.

We will likely have practice Monday and Tuesday for sure. Tuesday will be normal time 3:30-5:30 at Riverside. Check back for updates over the long weekend.

The Alexandria meet was a blast. Thanks for the laughs and stories! The results are a bit sloppy in the Varsity races but the ski was still great. The conditions were much better then expected so that was a huge plus:-)

Two or Three weeks left depending if you are on JV or Varsity. We have a few Varsity spots to fill for Sections...get after it!  Let's make the most of our remaining time.

Remember next Thursday The Little Falls meet is an all day event. NO SCHOOL so talk with your teachers ahead of time.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Tuesday, Race Day

Classic Race Day:-0 Gulp!

We're going to have fun tomorrow. Just give it your best. A lot of you have minimal classic experience, no worries!

Please bring your skate skis for warming up and pre skiing the trail.
If you don't have classic skis I'll find some!

Dismissed at 12:45.
Bus leaves at 1pm.
South 1:05pm.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, January 13, 2019


This week we have races Tuesday (Alexandria/classic) and Saturday(Bemidji/pursuit, no JH.) Everyone should plan on attending both.

Bring your classic skis and skate skis to practice tomorrow. We need to prep them for Tuesday.
You are dismissed at 12:45.
Bus leaves at 1.

Race Flyer is up.

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

French Toast Friday with a side of grilled cheese

Picture day! Bring your handouts:-) Remember uniforms as well!!!!

Items for "The Otto placed 5th and brought home the bacon extravaganza!"

Captains: eggs/plates
12th fruit
11th and 10th toppings (Maple Syrup, Jam, Whipped Cream)
9th and JH: Juice

If you have classic poles bring them. We'll be doing some double poling.

So much fun today! Thanks for remaining positive in less then ideal conditions.

Monday, January 7, 2019

This Week

Enjoy the rest day Monday. You've all earned it. Spectacular weekend:-) Catch up in school or get ahead.

Plan on Riverside Tuesday.

I have the race flyer posted for St. John's Prep. 12:45 dismissal. Bus leaves at 1pm.
South Pick up 1:05.

TEAM PHOTOS Friday the 11th. I'll have picture flyers for those of you interested Tuesday and Wednesday at Riverside.

Sunday, December 30, 2018


It's almost here!

Please refer to the Maplelag email for packing tips and reminders. Two most missed items a towel and pillow. 

I need your check tomorrow or else....

We will depart Tech at 7:30am Friday.

A little reality check...we're down to 4 weeks left in the season for most of the team. Please make the most of our remaining time.

Practice at Riverside Thursday. A light Skate ski with the warm temps. Waxing for those who don't have benches. Plan on being done by 5 so you can get home and pack.

Looking ahead the races start coming thick and fast. That means missing multiple days of school. PLEASE stay caught up in class. Make contact with your teachers in advance. Remember you are a student athlete. It is your responsibility to mange your time appropriately.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

(noon update) It's Snowing and the Race is On

Departure time change.

Practice today at the North Loop 3-4pm. Short ski to prep for the race tomorrow.
Trails have been rolled but not groomed. Skiing will be descent. Bring classic skis if you have them, otherwise skate.
Arrive early if you need to apply kick wax. 2:50.

Brainerd Race Schedule on Flyer Tab

Saturday the 29th
Door 6 at Tech 8am
Home 3:30

Friday classic practice if you have them everyone else please bring skate skis.
Still waiting for a gromming report...
Check back for a time, likely afternoon so snow can set up.