Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Done and Done

Thanks everyone! So great catching up and sharing stories at the banquet:-)

Please remember to drop uniforms and skis off before spring break (room 178). We finally have that white gold and corduroy so if you still find yourself looking to ski please keep you're skis until after the big melt.

Again, it's extremely tough with 16 seniors to sum up 3,4 or even 5 years of skiing together for some of us in the few minutes I had to share about each of you. With 16 seniors leaving us. I hope you laughed or were reminded of times you've spent with this Team, friends you made, and trails you skied last night. I pushed you a little harder this year as it was our last. Hope you found something new in yourself and have grown as individual through your effort or time with this Team.

Check back here from time to time, I've been simmering a few stories on low heat to share from the season past.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Post Sections

Such a wonderful day of racing. For all the seniors I think Maplelag was a proper sending off point.  Thanks for all the smiles. Hope you enjoyed the ride. Have a great life.

Gabby and Wren, 2nd and 3rd for the ladies. Tennessee was 10th. All three qualified for the STATE MEET.
The girls Team took 3rd overall!
The boys Team was 5th.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Weekend ahead & Season wrap up

Friday: ski.
Saturday ski. Riverside.Team waxing at Tech for Section skiers. Get the base layers in.
  Check back for Times (waiting for a few inches of fluff to fall first so maybe late afternoon.)
Sunday: Section Team Pasta Feed: check emails for details.
Monday: depart for Maplelag
Tuesday: race of your life.

Jr Highers and why I love them. It was cold yesterday! Didn't phase them. Never complained once. Temps are simply numbers. It was race day and they were game. Not a single complaint. I lost half my face out there and I didn't go down the hill at 20mph. They just did work:-) Big props to the little ones.

Everyone with Team Equipment you can keep your skis till March. It will inevitably snow after the season, so go enjoy it when it does. I'll send out e-mail reminders.
PLEASE WASH UNIFORMS and return to me in Room 178 anytime during the school day.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Thursday, JrH champs

Dismissed at 2:30
Olivia's mom will pick up at 2:45. Tennis court doors.

Varsity come out and cheer!! You will practice right after 4ish to 5.

Schedule on flyer tab.

The weather looks cold! Wear lots of layers!

Incredible last meet with the Team! Have a good life everyone!
If you want to ski or cheer your teammates on come on out any day.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Monday, Tuesday, Alex Meet

The last two days of official ski practice for all of our JV skiers.

Survive today! I'm assuming the worst for Riverside, hoping for the best.

Tuesday, Alex Meet
Dismissed at Noon. Bus leaves at 12:15.
South pick up at 12:20.

JH 3km, 2 loops
JV 4.5km 3 loops
Varsity 2.4km 1 loop each, Mixed relay 2 boys/2girls

JH Meet Thursday, Still waiting on details...

Friday, January 26, 2018

Into the Weekend, Sections update

Friday: Hamster wheel. Feels like spring. Bring the sunblock.

CLC was great. SO many successful races! Congrats to everyone. Tennessee is the new CLC skate champ. Matty T, Gabby and Wren all brought home bronze medals. Both Teams were 2nd overall!
Any JV skier that survived that Mass Start had a small victory as well!

Alex info on the flyers tab.

Saturday morning practice for Varsity, JV optional, but would love to see you out there. More info at practice today.

If you haven't already, dial it in. Diet, hydration, rest, sleep. Maybe at Snowball this weekend shut it down at midnight vs. 2am;-) small things to stay healthy.

Sections have been moved to Maplelag again this year.