Sunday, February 24, 2019


Reminder the banquet is Tuesday the 26th at 6pm - 7:30 in the Tech Cafeteria.
Check emails for the online sign up.
Please bring uniforms and skis with you to turn in. Students with wax benches will set up another drop off time.

Thanks everyone:-) Enjoy the SNOW!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Tuesday 19th

Hello all,

There is a Team cleaning of Riverside shelter Tuesday. Sartell asked if we'd join in.
Same time as practice. Make it if you can. You could use the time as volunteer hours.

Check back for more details on the banquet. Pencil in the 26th at Tech as of now:-)

Enjoy the snow everyone.

Sunday, February 10, 2019


This is it for our Team. Let's enjoy every bit of it!

Three lines lead back through Norwegian history
-the wake behind the ship the furrow behind the plow,
and the track behind the skier. Spidahl Ski Gaard...
The tradition continues.

Dismissed at 9am. Bus Departs 9:15.
South dismissed 9:10. Pick up 9:25.
Arrive home 7ish

The bus will be our shelter for this meet. Bring food and water.

Banquet looks like February 26th at Tech, more details to come.
You'll turn in skis and uniforms then.

Please continue to use your Team skis until then! We finally have snow. Go find a new trail, get lost and explore.

Please feel free to come and join us Tuesday at Riverside as State skiers will still be practicing.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019


School closing update: we can practice tomorrow at 3:30 at Riverside. I really need everyone to show up so you can get your skis for Monday’s Race!! Contact me if you can’t make it and we can have other students grab your skis possibly:-)
Please, please get ahead or caught up in school tomorrow!

Riverside classic speed session Friday:-) temps look cold, per usual. -2 is the high.
Abigail cover that nose;-)

Thursday powder day at Riverside Park. Pack the snorkel;-)

CLC Championship will be held Monday:-) Spidahl Ski Gaard is a unique place to ski and will be a phenomenal place to bring the season to a close. Everyone’s on the roster.

A Brief History…

            In the summer of 1975 Liz and Walter Spidahl purchased a picturesque 1938 farmhouse and a quarter section of land in the Friberg Hills of Otter Tail County. Their son David and nephew Rodney lived on the farm that first winter. They purchased twenty Normark wooden ski packages and a snowmobile and after fashioning a packer and track setter, they utilized existing logging trails and old township roads to create the first trail system of Spidahl Ski Gaard. The following winter Liz and Walter moved onto the farm and with the help of friend Chick Bopp and family members they eventually expanded the trail system to 350 acres. In 1995 David and Cindy purchased the “ski farm” and have continued to provide great skiing in West Central Minnesota to this day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Well that was fun! Wren is our new Section champion. Abigail was 10th and will be joining her at the State Meet. On the boys side Tennessee was 8th and will also be going to State.
I so enjoyed seeing, hearing how everyone’s day was. Thanks for putting it all out there. Let’s learn grow and set new goals.

Tomorow I should get more information on CLC...

Practice at riverside. Let’s plan on classic with the new snow, skate if you don’t have them. It might just be bit soft. Temps look great. 22F :-)

Let’s  enjoy this new snow!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Monday, Tuesday

Section Skiers:
Arrive to load bus at 6:40am. Pick skis up from waxing room and load on bus.
Bus will leave at 7am. Testing wax and coarse inspection are super important tomorrow. Any delay, trickles into a more rushed/chaotic scene, hurting you and your teammates. PLEASE, PLEASE be on time!!
Arrive home 5ish.

Pack those go to snacks for in between races. Good breakfast, restful evening tonight.
Bring lots of water. They do not have water available at the race.
Don't forget that glass of water in the morning.

Temps look cold. Bring lots of layers and a change of base layers. Nothing drains your energy more than waiting around shivering in wet base layers after the first race. Get dry, get warm. Two big steps to a successful afternoon skate race.

Monday, Pre-ski at Riverside 3:45-4:30. You know the drills.

No practice for non Section Skiers Tuesday.
We'll see everyone Wednesday back at Riverside.

Thursday, January 31, 2019


Bring both skate and classic skis. We'll start on skate 3:45-4:30 and then those looking to improve classic technique can make the switch 4:30-5:30.

Temps look wonderful tomorrow:-)

Saturday is the Jr. High Championship. I was hoping the Team could come out and ski and hour before the races then cheer on your teammates after! ski 1:30-2:30ish.

Updates from your Captains:

Section Team pasta feed: Abigail's house, Sunday February 3rd; 5:00pm Bring food items. I believe an e-mail went out.

Barn Party 17695 horseshoe road, February 9th. Bring food 6:00pm till whenever you decide to leave. Hosted by Captain Noah