Sunday, December 10, 2017

SKI Monday

We finally get to SKI! although quite confined, it's a start.

What's up? So tomorrow we'll start our ride share system. Everyone needs to meet at door 7, our usual spot immediately after school. Bring bags and skis. You will change at Riverside. We'll make sure everyone has a group and roll out. No later than 3:30. This will be your day to day group. You can then choose to decide where to meet from here on. I'll also look to get us a room at the shelter to store skis on week days so students without cars won't have to lug skis around so much. As far as storing skis tomorrow, find a favorite teacher and ask if you can leave them there, maybe the locker room in the phy-ed teachers room, let them know it'll just be a today thing.

South Students: A parent, Rebecca Scheele (Esther's Mom) will pick you up on 14th Ave S at 3:20, the road that leads out from the Cafeteria Doors. She drives a Honda Odyssey van. Look for Esther in her Tech Team Jacket on the side walk. I believe you can store your skis in the gym area. If you see a fellow skier please make sure and share this info with them. I will bring skis for those who don't have them.

Great to see so many skiers out this weekend! 

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Coaches will be at Riverside 8-10am.
If you can't make it try and find time to ski this weekend.

Friday, December 8, 2017


Happy Friday!

Outside to start then back in for strength and core. It felt balmy this morning, may want to layer down for the run.

Your work ethic yesterday was phenomenal! No complaints during a frigid Track workout. Peggy had to pinch me, didn't think it was real;-)

Saturday morning ski, yes SKI!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


and it's already Thursday. Thanks everyone for picking me up with the positive vibes today! Cold, windy a touch of ice and not a single complaint. I had a sugar crash coming off dessert night, left my coffee mug sitting on the steps as I stuffed my sick baby girl into her snowsuit before work. My caffeine headache was hitting hard about three and you guys carried me through today's run.  A little fresh air and seeing snow guns blowing at Riverside, everything cleared right up! Plan on skiing Saturday:-)

Tomorrow: Outside for the first hour. Please bring a warm jacket to wear over the top of your running clothes. Also, don't forget gloves and a hat. We'll be running hard with good recovery time where I'll need you bundled up! The sun should be out and winds down a bit, so it may feel above zero. (Carter pack your inhaler!)

A note on the uniforms: keep velcro away from them. Make sure they steer clear of your gloves when packing your bag for races.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Inside outside...dress warm (hats, gloves are a must!) and throw some shorts in the bag!

Riverside is blowing snow! Hope we're skiing this weekend even if it's on fake snow:-)

No race Thursday, but we'll still find a way to suffer a bit.

Monday, December 4, 2017


Indoor work tomorrow. Cross your fingers the snow stacks up and doesn't blow away!

Thanks to everyone who showed up this morning.

Parent dessert night Tuesday, check e-mails.

Sunday, December 3, 2017


 Monday hummm....what will the weather do? Forecast calls for rain so check back here for a change of schedule if it is raining.
As of now let's plan on a roller ski or run starting at Beaver Island Fed Ex parking lot @ 9am. We'll keep it short and sweet and aim for an hour of hard work.

Again, check back in case of rain.

Parent Desert Night Tuesday. An e-mail with details was sent out last week.